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Saturday, December 15, 2018
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Baptism & Communion

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                  Communion Sunday.
Baptism at Clough
Baptism is a sacrament which is a mysterious, divine moment when God enters the ordinary and makes it extraordinary and holy. God does this through many ways. However, God designated Holy Baptism and Holy Communion as a "special means through which divine grace comes to us." "In baptism we receive our identity and mission as Christians."
Baptism is an outward sign of an inward grace. God's work is being done before we are even aware of it. So regardless if we are children and unable to answer the questions of faith ourselves or adults, God is still the primary force in baptism. We also believe that it requires a community of people for baptism. So if you are an adult or a child, we at Clough United Methodist Church will support and encourage you on your journey of faith. Baptism is not required for salvation as they are two separate acts. You can reaffirm the work that God has done on your behalf, committing to God in a new way perhaps. But we DO NOT re-baptize.
In summary, there are three active participants in baptism, God, you or your parents and the church. All of these participants take the vows to commit to a life dependent upon Christ, being raised in Christ's family (The Church).
We offer baptism or reaffirmation any Sunday, but if you would like to meet with the pastor she welcomes those conversations. Also, we ask that if you know ahead of time you  want to be baptized you provide a whole name for us to print a certificate for you. You will also get a candle as a reminder of your baptism.
Holy Communion
Holy Communion is a sacrament, an act of thanksgiving for all that God has done and will do for us. Holy Communion is what sustains and nourishes us on our journey of salvation. John Wesley describes it as an "outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual grace." Holy Communion is a remembering of the sacrifice of Jesus, honoring God for the mighty act of salvation and presenting ourselves to be used by God in union with Christ to go into the world to be used to fulfill God's mission. We, in essence, are eating at the communion table so that we can go and help others know Jesus' love. But it does not end there. We are also reminded that when we gather with others at the table of Holy Communion it is an appetite of sorts of what heaven will be like...a divine gift from God.
Clough United Methodist Church has an open table which means all are welcome here and we mean ALL!
We offer prayer for people who might need prayer after communion. Please simply go to the rail or get the attention of the pastor. We also offer candles to light as a way of adding Christ's light into our world, especially during Holy Communion. We serve Holy Communion monthly at our second service and each week at our first service.

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