Clough United Methodist Church
Saturday, December 15, 2018
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Children's Ministry

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Having fun at the Sunday morning G.A.M.E
program for kids.
Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me." At Clough Church we value all people, especially children. It is our desire that children not only have fun on Sunday morning at GAME Time (God and Me Experience), but they know and understand how much God loves them.
For children preschool- 6th grade, the children gather together downstairs in the children’s area to sing and explore the topic before they move to one of the nine hands on stations. Each week the children experience the same story in a different way. For example, this week the children might use movement to illustrate and make connections with the story, but next week they will move to cooking where they will use their taste sense to experience the story.
We also believe children want to be in worship, so every 10 weeks after a rotation, the children come to worship with their parents where the service is geared towards families.
What to expect when you arrive:
A greeter at the door will help you find your way to the children’s ministry area downstairs where you will be invited to sign your child in using a computer system that will print out a name badge. (This is part of our security policy). Only the person leaving the child can pick the child up.
Your child will then be given the option of several different things to do while they wait for the other children to arrive before GAME time begins.
Once GAME time begins, the children divide into their age groups and head to their stations. Some of the questions you may want to ask your child about Sunday School GAME Time might be: What station did you do today? How was the story different than last week?
To pick your child up, please sign them out using the computer. Once again, just a reminder only the person dropping them off can pick them up.
Each of our GAME servants have been trained on security policies, safe sanctuary policies and all of the leaders have been certified in Stewards of Children Training, a child abuse and neglect prevention and detection program. Each servant has been background checked prior to teaching.
If you would like more information about this or other exciting things Clough is doing with children please contact Sharma Seibert (513) 312-5077 or