Clough United Methodist Church
Saturday, December 15, 2018
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Our Care Team

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The care team setting up for a celebration.
The Care Team
Our focus is serving people who attend our church and our community. Our mission is to provide support emotionally, spiritually and physically in times of need. We accomplish this by coordinating meals, visits, prayers and a caring ear. Our goal is to glorify God and to effectively minister to our congregation and our community. Our faith creates in us the desire to show our love for others as a reflection of the love the Lord has shown us.
The Care Team is in charge of seeing that families have funeral meals, but they are not a large enough group to do it by themselves. If you would like to join The Care Team please call Gloria Woyan (513) 474-5694. You can also sign up to contribute a dessert, salad or vegetable for a funeral meal or if you would be willing to prepare a meal for a family going through a hospital stay, new baby or prolonged illness.
If you or anyone you know has needs for meals due to any of the above situations or another unique need please call Gloria Woyan (513) 474-5694 and it can be arranged.